Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen!

NEFTEGAZIMPEKS, LLC Company based in 1999 has worked a great way up from electrical and technical product distributor and business partner of leading companies on oil/gas equipment market to certified corrosion protection equipment manufacturer.

Thanks to our focused efforts, nowadays we offer our customers a wide range of products including all the key commodity lines and reflecting the state-of-art achievements and directions in the area of major pipeline corrosion protection system production. The list of goods we do offer is constantly enhancing depending on introduction of new advanced technologies and invention of new materials used in electrical and technical product manufacturing. The technical solutions we have implemented are one-of-a-kind registered inventions, while equipment manufactured by our company has passed the technical conditions expert evaluation, field tests and is recommended for use on the Gazprom, OJSC’s facilities.

The large background of professional experience and skillfully built network of contractors and suppliers allows us to satisfy the requirements of our customers regarding the price, quantity and quality of goods, which we have made ultimately available.

Highly-qualified engineers, in-house production capacities, use of modern equipment and technologies allows our company to employ a complex approach to our equipment follow-up at all stages of it lifecycle from manufacturing and commissioning to warranty maintenance and post-warranty maintenance and repair works of any degree of complexity in the shortest time possible.

In 2014, our company launched a construction of testing ground for implementation of electrochemical protection materials and equipment complex trials, including:

  • Underground metal installation with protective coverage of 500 square meters in area;
  • Accommodation of cathode protection devices with remote control system and automatic protection potential stabilization;
  • Test stations with built-in protective and polarization potential measurement units, corrosion tester plate and corrosive processes tester block status.
  • Artificially made defects in insulation covering of installation.
  • Hardware and software complex for testing the corrosion protection monitoring distributed system control algorithm.

The high quality of manufacturing, commissioning, warranty maintenance, post-warranty maintenance and repair works performed by our company is achieved thanks to the use of quality control and management system compliant with GOST ISO 9001-2011 standard.

NEFTEGAZIMPEKS, LLC is a member of Non-Profit Partnership SOPKOR, a self-regulatory organization in field of oil and gas industrial facility corrosion protection.


Director General of NEFTEGAZIMPEKS, LLC
Pavel Anatolyevich Zharikov