IPE-NGI devices are designed for corrosion protection of underground steel installations, including those located in the soil with increased aggressivity, and for use as part of UKM-L-NGI type corrosion monitoring systems with remote control and electrochemical protection (ECP) parameters adjustment.


The device ensures the possibility of automatic preset parameter value maintenance in any of the following modes:

  • Output voltage stabilization;
  • Load current stabilization;
  • Stabilization of total installation potential.

The maximum output parameter variation in the stabilization mode:

  • ± (0.01UNOM+0.3) V in output voltage stabilization mode;
  • ± (0.01UNOM+0.3) A in load current stabilization mode;
  • ± (0.01UES+0.3) V in installation total potential stabilization mode.

The device supports:

  • Manual and remote output parameter control within the following ranges:
    • (0.02 – 1.0) – device nominal output voltage values;
    • (0.02 – 1.0) – device nominal output current values;
    • (-0.5 – -3.5) V – installation total potential values.
  • Installation total potential measurement circuit interruption control;
  • Anode circuit interruption control.

The device is equipped with following indications:

  • 230V power supply;
  • Power ON/OFF;
  • Output voltage;
  • Output current;
  • Protected installation total potential value;
  • Reference voltage, reference current and reference total potential values.

IPE-1.2/25-NGI device supports the data exchange through the serial port:

  • With ECP-01-NGI LTS electrochemical protection local terminal station in Slave mode;
  • With PK-NGI industrial controller as part of the UML-L-1.2/25-NGI corrosion monitoring system in Slave mode with the following parameters:
    • Communication interface: RS485 – double-wire;
    • Data exchange protocol: Modbus;
    • Data exchange rate: 9600 bit/second;
    • Communication mode: RTU;
    • Data exchange commands: “3” – “read the logs”; “06” – “make record in a log”; “17” – “read identifier”; “67” – “configuration”.
  • The device operates permanently and records the hours of operation;
  • The device operates at input short circuit and restores the output voltage after short circuit elimination;
  • The device operates at output circuit interruption (no-load operation) and restores the load current after output circuit interruption elimination.
  • Maximum output voltage: 48V;
  • Maximum load current: 25A;
  • Maximum output power: 1200 W max;
  • Power factor at maximum output power: 0.98 min;
  • Performance coefficient at maximum output power: 87% min;
  • Voltage maintenance range in installation potential stabilization mode: between 0.5V and 3.5V;
  • Voltage maintenance range in output voltage stabilization mode: between 0.6A and 30A;
  • Power supply: (230+23-46) V AC, (50±1) Hz;
  • Device weight: 13 kg max;
  • Dimensions: 404 x 330 x155 mm.
  • The device is given U2 rating according to GOST 15150.
  • The device may be installed in premises with unregulated climate conditions, where the temperature and relative humidity fluctuations do not significantly vary from those in the open air, away from direct sunlight, atmospheric precipitation, wind, sand and dust.
  • Ambient temperature: between -45 C° and +45 C°;
  • Relative humidity: up to 98 at +25 C°.